Little Aiden Press (LAP) stands as a beacon among children's book publishers, committed to igniting the imaginations of young African-American readers. Our books are carefully crafted to captivate, empower, educate, and amuse, instilling a lifelong love for reading.

Our mission is to cultivate a passion for reading and nurture literate communities. We achieve this by offering children the chance to embark on imaginative journeys through storytelling while encountering characters who mirror their identities.

At the heart of our mission is the dedication to engaging children with narratives encompassing diverse perspectives. We firmly believe literature is a gateway to building essential literacy skills, and LAP strives to make these opportunities equally accessible to all children. In doing so, Little Aiden Press is not just a publisher but a valuable resource, offering educational and culturally rich books that open doors to a world of learning possibilities.


Sabrina Wiggins is not just a children's book author but a champion of positive change and a dedicated to giving back to her community through the power of words and service. With over 15 years of experience working in the community with children, Sabrina's journey took a transformative turn when her grandson Aiden was born in 2017. This momentous occasion reignited her passion for writing, leading to the publication of her inaugural book, "Off to Washington," in 2018.

In today's world, Sabrina recognizes the importance of ensuring that African American children encounter relatable characters in the books they read—characters that inspire, instill hope, and kindle belief in their dreams.

Several years after taking the independent publishing route, Sabrina embarked on a mission to shed light on the accomplishments of BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) authors. She observed a significant gap in the recognition of African American authors within literary awards. Driven by this revelation, she established the "Self Ink It Awards." This distinguished platform is dedicated to honoring, celebrating, and acknowledging the exceptional work of self-published BIPOC authors, providing them with the visibility and recognition they truly deserve.

Sabrina's unwavering determination is rooted in her commitment to ensuring that African American children can see themselves reflected in the literature that graces their homes—a mission that continues to make a lasting impact.


“When you see yourself reflected in the pages of a book, you’re part of the conversation, part of the story. You’re not ignored. It gives you a sense of ownership to the world that you’re in,” Nina Crews said. “Every child deserves that.”

​“When kids grow up not seeing themselves in books, they grow up feeling like they don't matter.” Eric Smith

“Once children see themselves represented in books, their existence is validated, and they feel that they are part of the world.” Eric Velasquez

Inspire Kids to Read and Write

Why is reading important?

Reading helps you escape your own reality and takes you on a journey of adventure, life lessons, laughter, and more. Reading is also good to help relieve stress and keep your brain healthy. Most importantly, reading is the roadmap to navigating your future.

What if your child wants to be an author?

Reading fuels the mind of writers, no matter what they read or want to write. Do they like to explore? Do they enjoy reading fashion magazines? How about short stories? Let them read anything age-appropriate to help them with writing. Reading different book formats will help them in deciding what type of author they want to be. If your child wants to become a writer, they’ll find even more joy laying across the bed reading a good age-appropriate book.

How can a parent help a child with their writing?

If your child expresses an interest in writing, creating a writing space for them. Get a binder and fill it with paper, add dividers to make sections like story ideas, journal pages, and a bucket list. Make sure space has writing utensils such as pens and pencils, so when the time to write, everything that is needed is already there. Add a bookshelf with books and notepads, and just let them be creative. Encourage them through the process, sign them up for writing contests and help them with the creative side by asking questions like, what if your stuff animals all turned into magical characters whom all had one special power?

According to Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC)

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