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When Dad Went to... Reviews

Advance Reader Reviews

"OH Sabrina, that was so good.  I felt the hurt as I read.  What a great way to let others know (especially children) that it is ok to seek help. It as an honor to read and an honor to know you.  You are doing wonderful things.  Love you, Ms. Floyd also known as Kathy."

Sarah Gugluizza, LCSW (Clinical Social Worker Servicing Children, Teens & Adults), said, "Your book is significant and speaks to a topic that isn't discussed but is incredibly important. It sheds light on what a family can go through in a crisis and how different family members can react. As a therapist, I enjoyed seeing how you included counseling as support when mental health can be a stigmatized concept."

Amazon Reviews

This is a great children's book for learning how a family deals with a sudden disability put upon them and how they learned to cope with it. It brings the family closer together, it introduces a change of duty for its members which could be challenging but can be worked through together. It also helps children learn best practices when addressing some emotions. - WestCoastAnnie

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