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Off To Washington Reviews

Amazon Reviews

"My first trip to Washington D. C. occurred in seventh grade, as a safety patrol. Unlike the kids in the book, who took a plane, I rode 12 hours on a train. I remember visiting a few museums, but I missed many sites because I played football with my friends during our trip Yet, Off To Washington gave me the chance to visit all of the best sites in Washington I missed and it can serve as a great book field trip for students who will never a chance to visit our nation’s capital. Also, kids who read this book will get the chance to hang out with President Obama, The First Lady, Malia, Sasha, Bo and ride on Air Force One. Is there anything more special?"    The Kwanzaa Coloring Book

"Great book! The pics were the best!  The pictures were outstanding! "  Triplef

"An excellent book!!!  When I first bought this book from the author, my daughter was too young to read it on her own so I read to her. Today at 6, she loves the challenge of reading it on her own and learning about Washington D.C. Since she has visited many of these amazing landmarks from the book, she enjoy making the connections now as the book is very educational. I like how the book touches on our first black president and first family and gives ideas on how to get involved in community service. " Amazon Customer

" Awesome book!!  I bought this book from the author herself because I taught her in 7th grade. It is so wonderful when you see your students grow up and do great things. I loved the book and plan on reading it to my great nieces and nephews. I also want to buy a couple copies for our local school and public library. The illustrations are fantastic as well." Kathy Floyd

"Great educational read for children of all ages and ethnicities. I love that not only is it an educational read for adolescents, it also highlights the presidency of the first African American President and first family. The book also gives recommendations on how kids can involve themselves with community service outreach and provides some suggestions on how to get started." Dennis Hall

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