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Off to Washington
When My Dad Went
Career Day

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Sabrina Wiggins
Author & Publisher
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Sabrina Wiggins is an emerging children’s book author, an advocate of positive change, and an avid explorer who consistently strives to give back to her community through the power of words and service. Sabrina has been working with children for over 15 years.

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Summary for Off To Washington

The kids head to Washington, D.C., to receive a service award from the President for their hours of community service. While in the nation’s capital, the kids have a chance to visit some historical locations throughout the city.

Off to Washington is for ages 5 and up and is intended for EVREYONE!

ISBN: 978-1734801439
When Dad
Summary for When My Dad Went to the Hospital

Told from the perspective of a loving daughter, When My Dad Went to the Hospital: What to Expect When Someone You Love Gets Hurt is the story of a courageous daughter and her siblings who learn to deal with a family tragedy.

When My Dad Went... is for ages 7 and up and is intended for EVREYONE!

ISBN: 978-1734801415
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Career Day
Summary for Career Day: Coloring and Activity Book

Career Day is a Coloring & Activity book of careers for young boys to explore. In this book, young boys are introduced to careers that they may not necessarily think of. The goal is to have young boys explore different careers outside of playing sports or being an entertainer.

Career Day... is for ages 7 and up and is intended for Young Boys

ISBN: 978-1734801446
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Career Day Coloring & Activity Book.. Reviews
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