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LAP Kid Reviewer

Do you have a child/teen (age 5-17) that is interested in becoming a book reviewer for Little Aiden Press (LAP)? We review children’s picture books, early reader, and teen books.


We expect that reviews done by the children and teens will be relatively “raw” in nature. We instruct our copy-editing staff to do minimal editing. We will correct punctuation and make sure that the review is coherent and meets the word count. If you have a younger child, he/she will most likely be dictating to an adult (parent) what the book was about and their opinion on the book, and the adult (parent) will write up the review. If you have an older child, this is a good experience for them to learn how to retain details of a book they just read and provide their opinion on it for others.


Older kids will be able to also select books from our other book categories as they become available. (such as cookbooks, science fiction & fantasy, self-help, pop fiction, historical fiction, etc.)


It will be the parent’s responsibility to research each book their child request, be that on Amazon or Goodreads. We do our best to flag books that may have objectionable content for kids, but we also cannot pre-read every book we receive. Fair warning: That’s the parent’s responsibility.

We strictly protect the privacy and security of your child. We never list last names on their reviews — only their first name and age.


Occasionally, we may receive a Sponsored Review order from an author or publicist who is requesting that someone from LAP Kids review it. As the point of contact for your child/ren, we will email you with the book title to see if your child is interested in reviewing it. If it is assigned to him/her, these reviews have a strict due date that will be communicated to you. Best of all, your child will be paid to review it!


Book reviews are uploaded into our easy-to-navigate online database, so whoever is supervising the child reviewing for LAP Kids needs to be comfortable doing so. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to upload your child’s reviews for you. It is not hard. We Promise.

Reviewer Application for LAP KID REVIEWER

If your child would like to apply to become a reviewer for Little Aiden Press,  LAP Kids Reviews, we'll need some information about you and your child. Please fill out the form below for EACH CHILD, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Parent's Name (Guardian)
Child's Name
Child's age
Child's DOB
PARENTAL AGREEMENT: I understand that I am responsible for my child reading and providing a review for books that I/he/she have requested. If a review can not be submitted in the time required, I agree to mail the books back to LAP Kids Reviews at my expense. I also understand that if my child misses the deadline for review 3 times he/she will be subject to removal from our review panel. 
Select an option

Thanks for your interest in being a LAP Kids Reviewer! Someone will be in touch soon.

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